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The One Abiding, 2003

The Night Sky, with photographs by Gaylen Morgan, 2002 limited edition

Washington Square, 2000 limited edition

Poems for Paula, 1995

Poems: New and Selected, 1987

Eleven Poems, 1983 limited edition

Northbook, 1982

Refractions, a collection of translations, 1981 limited edition

The River, a poem in nine parts, 1980 limited edition

Death Mother and Other Poems, 1979

The Tarot of Cornelius Agrippa, 1978 limited edition

Poems of the Two Worlds, 1977

Poems of the Two Worlds, six poems illustrated with drawings by Clyde Lynds, 1977 limited edition

Umbrella Poem, 1973 limited edition

A Book of Change, with four illustrations by Hozan Matsumoto, 1971