Poems of the Two Worlds, 1977
University of Illinois Press
132 pages; ISBN 0-252-00604-6

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"The amplitude of Poems of the Two Worlds, both thematic and modal, is so great that I can only suggest it here . . . The two worlds and all their meanings subsist in the consciousness of mankind, at least as far as we can tell for sure. Frederick Morgan prompts us to know that consciousness more fully, in all its mysterious capacities, and then shows us how this can be done. It is a productive and brave accomplishment." —Hayden Carruth

"A number of these poems are beautifully turned . . . But what I most respond to are the honesties both delicate and coarse, the remarkable human openness." —Richard Wilbur

"I find the collection powerful and moving, a considerable achievement. His energies, imagination, and talent appear to be boundless." —Joyce Carol Oates

"Morgan is a poet of extraordinary human openness and perception, with technical skills ranging from free forms to effective rhyming. He explores with deceptive ease the great contraries of life and death, body and spirit, nature and city, youth and age, the human and the transhuman . . . He travels with poetic grace from one realm of experience to another, scattering light on scenes that in lesser hands would be merely pedestrian . . . With this book he becomes a major poet." —Chad Walsh, Washington Post Book World

"Morgan has become a poet of the exquisite and exotic, but one still able to stir in us those instincts we once knew but nearly lost. As such, working quietly and independently, he proves as enlightening and tender a voice as we possess." —G. E. Murray, The American Book Review