Northbook, 1982
University of Illinois Press
88 pages; ISBN 0-252-00948-7

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"These new poems summon archetypal presences. Frederick Morgan is the poet of healing, compassion, and loyalty. His mastery has grown with each book , and here his voice achieves a lyric power to quicken our imagination and speak directly to the heart." —Guy Davenport

"Morgan has come into the complete possession of his personal, complex, and fundamentally transcendent vision. . . . He is a poet in the fullest sense. Artifex. Maker of poems not only secure in contemporary literature but essential to it." —Hayden Carruth

"Continuing Morgan's exploration of 'two worlds,' Northbook glints with transformation and transcendence: Dreamwork melts into legend, memory into myth, in poems that 'voyage to an inner day of brightness.' Whether among ghostly presences or in the meadhall of the Norse gods, Morgan's imagination makes us see the unseen and moves us as surely as in 'The River,' with its grave lyricism, as in the bleak soulscape of 'The Skulls.'" —Daniel Hoffman