Poems: New and Selected, 1987
University of Illinois Press
240 pages; ISBN: 0-252-01433-2

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". . . a poet whose continuing development should be watched by anyone who is concerned about the future of American poetry" —Sewanee Review

"There is in this body of work a security, a deep holding, so certain of its accuracy and strength that it can release (and find) a range of feelings of a richness unprecedented in our times." —A.R. Ammons

"Frederick Morgan writes like no other poet in the United States . . . His poems of contemporary life are memorable for their knottiness of thought and sound, and at times a wonderful tenderness. One thinks of Thomas Hardy, but comparisons are misleading&mdashMorgan has been developing along the line of his temperament as only the very best poets do." —Louis Simpson

"Morgan's poetry is finally religious poetry in the very best sense of the word: it transcends all parochial boundaries and works through the quiet compelling music of its language, to affirm the human spirit." —Joyce Carol Oates